Relationship: Client
Project Date: February 2013
Project Price: $1,000 – $9,999


Gary Mott of G. Mott Builders is excellent! What we appreciate most about Gary as long time customers is:

1. He has an uncanny way of not only understanding our needs but when we don’t know what we want, he is able to read the look we are going for and come up with an idea that was EXACTLY what we were wanting…even when we didn’t even know ourselves! I might go as far as to say he’s a mind reader…on some level. 😉

2. He goes above and beyond our expectations.

3. Honest. He is true to his word. 

4. Trustworthy. He has the security code to enter the home and we are completely comfortable having him and his staff here in our home while away.

5. Timely. Everything has been done on time.

6. Rea$onable! His work is worth the cost. 

We have 4 more phases of renovations and have booked them all with G. Mott Builders! Thanks Gary…We look forward to many phases of renos with you!

C. Flynn Exterior Porch Design

Relationship: Client
Project Date: August 2018

“We couldn’t be happier with our choice in G. Mott Builders. Gary has an attention to detail that is unequaled.

He is a true craftsman.

His input on design and other intricate details will be appreciated for years to come in our new build.

Beyond the quality of his work, the thing that has been the most refreshing is his commitment to integrity. The combination of those traits are a rare find. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him, because we know he will surpass your expectations.”